Welcome to the Pro Ana WikiaEdit

This is a website dedicated to explaining the history and general information behind the pro ana movement.

Writers Needed!Edit

The "pro ana" culture is largely based on rumor. Most websites and articles that discuss pro ana include a strong opinion, and I think it is about time to write one that lists facts and histories of what has happened over the years. Topic ideas include:

  • creation/history of various forums, like MPA, WhyEat, Miana Land, PrettyThin, Xanga, Tumblr, chatrooms
  • pro ana in media and culture, like books, TV shows, movies
  • petitions and government interventions to limit/block pro ana websites
  • list of vocabulary and their meaning, like HW, LW, C/S, UGW
  • creation/history of popular diets, like ABC, Skinny Girl Diet, Russian Gymnast Diet, 2468, monos, etc.
  • explanation of thinspo (and various genres of it), food porn, "trigger warning" and other related topics

Again, the main intent of this website is to provide basic information about the history and evolution of the pro ana movement. Therefore the writing style must avoid emotion-inducing phrasing and bias. This isn't a means of promoting or scorning the concept of pro ana.

Images and screen shots that are used as examples must not include any any identifiable information nor minors. Editors are also encouraged to blur out usernames and avatars.

Latest activityEdit

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